Aneta Basinska - Artist

Aneta Basinska is an artist and civil engineer based in the picturesque "lac leman" region of Geneva lake in Switzerland. Aneta was born in Poland and has since found home in several countries around the world. She has worked and lived in Ireland, France and Poland before settling down with her family in Switzerland. As both an engineer and an artist, her artwork portrays an unusual combination of mindsets that results in paintings that depict structure and order, but also abstractionism and ingeniousness.

Her various experiences and travels have inspired her passion for art, architecture and nature constantly. Aneta's paintings are mainly influenced by impressionism, abstractionism and witnessed scenes of nature. Her unique artwork conveys naturalistic observations with an abstractional take on how she perceives and processes those observations while going on walks, hikes and rambles. Aneta's impressionistic take on converting life's scenes into aboriginal art makes her paintings especially distinctive and exclusive. Up until now her artwork collections include flowers, animals & fruit. 


Aneta most often paints her graphics on A4 and A3 premium paper, which is placed into a passe-partout and professionally framed. She uses different types of pens to create a vivid and unique feeling for her art. From time to time, Aneta likes to experiment with different surfaces, colours and pen types. The use of metallic materials is characteristic of Aneta Basinska's artwork. Golden, silver, brass and other shiny encompass her art with an extraordinary character that changes with exposure to light. 

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